Test and train your athletes with game-changing performance technology


5m time splits & total time

Reaction time


Top speed

Stride length & rate (beta)


Total time

Change of direction time


Turn angle

Asymmetry index (beta)


Broad jump distance

Triple & crossover hop distance

Single leg hop distance & speed

Vertical jump height (beta)

Takeoff angle (beta)

Time to takeoff (beta)

Speed, Agility & Power. All in one system.

Powered by XCO's proprietary eXact Positioning System™ (XPS™) and Data BioAnalytics™, DASH accurately and objectively measures athlete location, speed and acceleration in real time across three key activities for performance training and testing: Sprints, Agility, and Jumps. With DASH we took what was previously only possible in the lab and brought it onto the field.

Stopwatch simple.

Stop wasting time with gates and cameras. Just switch on the DASH system and go! Intelligent algorithms detect the start and end of an activity and report key performance metrics in real time. Data is synchronized to the cloud portal for storage and longitudinal analysis.

Engage your athletes with visibility into the data that matters.

With precise motion tracking up to 100x per second and 2cm accuracy, DASH provides deep insight into athlete movement; driving better training, technique and performance outcomes.

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What our customers are saying

"The detailed information that DASH provides us for off- and on-ice tracking and performance will lead to a major evolution in hockey training."

– Jeff Leiter, Director of Sport Science and Performance, The RINK